Webinar room for participants – all functions of edudip next explained

24.07.2019 | Tips and Tricks

Let’s take a look at the edudip next webinar room from the participant’s point of view. We are going to explain the various settings and functions that are available to you as a participant.

Chat – communication made easy

Let’s start a short tour of the webinar room. The chat is located on the right under the profile or video image of the moderator. The chat gives you the opportunity to communicate with the moderator and the other participants of the webinar by writing your message in the provided field. You decide whether your message should be visible to all participants or only be read by moderators. To do this, select “All participants” or “Only moderators” from the drop-down menu. If the chat has been set to private, only communication with the moderators is possible. Private messages have a lock symbol.

The participant list

The list of participants is located next to the chat. The number in square brackets at the top gives you information about the number of participants in the webinar. If you click the tab for participants, all moderators and participants of the webinar will be displayed. If the moderator has set the participant list as a private participant list, you cannot see it as a participant.


Chat and Participant List


Select full screen mode to enlarge the view of the webinar room and display it over the entire screen. The symbol for the full screen mode, with four arrows pointing apart, is located in the top right of your screen. To exit full screen mode, click the icon again.

Quick feedback thanks to hand signals

You can communicate with the moderator via hand signals. A total of 8 hand signals are available to you as a participant and appear when you click on the hand symbol to the left of the moderator’s video image. The hand signals indicate positive or negative feedback for the moderator and the co-moderators.

Handsignals for participants


The green and red thumbs as well as the smileys and the heart are self-explanatory. If the moderator asks whether he is easy for everyone to understand, you can use your thumbs for feedback. If something was incomprehensible the question mark is suitable to use. With the exclamation mark you confirm your statement or agree with the moderator. Should you have to leave the webinar for a moment, simply click on the coffee cup symbol and you will be marked as absent. When you get back, click the “I’ll be back” button to let everyone know. Change your hand sign by choosing a different symbol. To remove hand signals, click the cross below the heart symbol.

The whiteboard

As a participant you have the option of using the drawing area and the pointer if the moderator has enabled the whiteboard for his participants. If this is the case, the symbol for your drawing tools and that of the pointer appear to the left of the hand sign symbol. You can use the available functions, colors and shapes as you wish, until the moderator locks the drawing area for participants again.

Whiteboard for webinar participants



At the bottom right of the screen you will find the wrench symbol for the settings. In the settings you can decide whether you want to mirror your camera or receive desktop notifications. You can also choose the camera or microphone you want, adjust the volume or check your microphone activity.


Settings for webinar participants


We hope you enjoy participating in interactive webinars.

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