Remote work: Survive the corona pandemic safely with edudip next

16.10.2020 | Tips and Tricks

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread rapidly around the world, more and more companies are being forced to send their employees to work from home. In an emergency, quick actions are required: In the current uncertain times of the pandemic, with edudip next you have stable and reliable webinar software with an integrated video conference system at your side.

The number of new infections has been higher than ever since the corona pandemic began, a situation that worries many companies. With the currently rising record level of new infections, new corona measures to further contain the chain of infection may be decided at very short notice. For this reason, it is now important as a company, if not already done so, to position itself optimally in order to be able to stay in contact with its business partners, customers and employees in the home office.



edudip next enables you to maintain both internal and external communication easily and securely. The webinar software with integrated meeting-feature is “made in Germany” and therefore the optimal and above all safe choice for efficient teamwork.


By using edudip next for your home office, you protect yourself, your employees and your data.

Work from home with edudip next

Versatile application

Formerly used mainly for classic webinars, online seminars, customer and sales presentations or employee training, edudip next with the newly integrated meeting-feature now is also ideal for spontaneous online meetings and discussions. Use edudip next as a virtual meeting-tool and make teamwork in your company easy, productive and secure: Teams up to 25 meeting participants can network independently of their location. The stable audio and video transmission in real time gives all participants the feeling of sitting in the same room with their work colleagues.

Maximum flexibility

The corona pandemic made home office a necessary and common form of work that was not only required in individual cases, but was also generally prescribed in order to protect the health of employees and to maintain day-to-day business. For this reason and in view of the currently increasing number of infections, digital communication tools are still indispensable in order to stay in contact with business partners, customers and colleagues.


How to implement remote work with edudip next


edudip next simplifies teamwork with external communication partners as well as within the company: webinars and online meetings can be created in just a few steps and the desired participants can be invited quickly and easily via shared link.

Easiest meeting participation

The webinar software with integrated video conference-system, is browser-based and ready for immediate use without prior software installation. Furthermore, you don’t need to install any plug-ins, webinars and online-meetings can be created in just a few steps and the desired participants can be invited quickly and easily via email or shared link. The intuitive and convenient operation of edudip next ensures easy handling and an unforgettable and productive webinar and meeting experience, right from the start.

Increased team productivity

Whether in sales, in the HR department, in marketing, for training purposes or for spontaneous meetings – the possible uses of edudip next are as diverse as they are promising. With edudip next webinars, product presentations, training courses and interviews can be carried out easily, quickly and securely online. Virtual meetings are particularly suitable for the quick and easy coordination of day-to-day business: Organize your daily scrum meetings online with edudip next and keep all team members up to date regardless of their location. Operation and strategy meetings are also important for the success of a project and can easily be coordinated with edudip next.

Security und Reliability

Your safety is a priority for edudip! This not only applies to the security of your data, but also to the health of your employees: By using edudip next, work from home can be optimally implemented and the number of your contact persons can be reduced to a minimum.


edudip next is 100% GDPR-compliant


Our customers can always feel secure, with edudip next they are on the safe side in terms of data protection law. edudip’s webinar and meeting software is developed and supported exclusively in Germany. All personal data is entirely stored and hosted in European data centers. As a German software manufacturer, data protection has top priority for edudip. The processing of personal data complies with the European data protection regulations, which are 100% GDPR-compliant.

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