New feature “Paid webinars”

07.07.2021 | New Features

Paid webinars: Monetise your knowledge and start offering paid online seminars. From now on you have the opportunity to provide paid webinars easily and securely with edudip next. In order to activate the new option you simply need to follow the instructions on how to set up paid webinars using edudip next. 

If you have valuable knowledge for your target group or you are a technical expert and qualified source of information in your industry, you can turn your know-how into money with paid online seminars. We will show you how to create paid webinars with edudip next.

Activate paid webinars

All organisers with a subscription from edudip next 100 can set up and use paid webinars. To do so, it is necessary to save your digital payment options in your dashboard settings, so that your customers can pay online easily and securely with just a few clicks.


Activate paid webinars


Under the menu item “Settings” you can unlock the function “Paid webinars” and then add the billing address, billing information and payment provider. Your customers can later pay the invoice amount directly using your preferred payment method, which is available in Stripe or PayPal. Instructions on how to set up paid webinars as a moderator can be found in the following document.

Marketing for paid webinars

After you set up the new feature for your account, its all about marketing to make your paid webinars a success. Always remember to offer your target group interesting, high-quality content so that in the best-case scenario your customers also book further webinar appointments. Satisfied attendees not only come back, but they are also the best marketing tool for your future events.


Marketing for paid webinars


It is recommended to customise the registration form for your paid webinars and to link informative media there. Individual brand elements and colours also convey professionalism. In this way, you can significantly increase the sales of your online seminars.

You can also save your company logo in your dashboard settings to customize the branding of your email invitations. If there is no setup, the edudip logo is displayed here.

Remember to draw attention to your online event by linking your landing page through a website, newsletter, social media or AdWords. High-quality content is particularly relevant to your target audience. By regularly sharing content across many different social networks, you can reach potential customers.

Post-processing paid webinars

At the end of a paid webinar, you should always present other interesting webinar dates that your participants can book. If you set up your automation, you can also send your attendees a confirmation email with useful information. Note that you have the option to only send this automation to participants who attended the webinar.

Under the menu item “Webinar Follow-Up” you have the option of evaluating the results of your webinar surveys. Furthermore, you can export the chat history after the webinar has ended.

If you want to know if your webinar was successful, you can check the attendance rate in the webinar dashboard under “Recent registrations”. There you can export the list of attendees for your webinar after the event has ended. To do this, click on “All participants”, select the desired webinar date and finish the export with “Download Excel list”. The saved list contains the attendance of all participants in minutes and the time at which each participant entered the webinar room for the first time.

Use the new feature “Paid Webinars” from edudip next and monetise your specialist knowledge easily, quickly and securely online!

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