Remote work: Survive the corona pandemic safely with edudip next

16.10.2020 | Tips and Tricks

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread rapidly around the world, more and more companies are being forced to send their employees to work from home. In an emergency, quick actions are required: In the current uncertain times of the pandemic, with edudip next you have stable and reliable webinar software with an integrated video conference system at your side.

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Organise virtual meetings with edudip-next

12.10.2020 | New FeaturesTips and Tricks

Finally, the time has come! We are happy to introduce the new developed meeting function from edudip next to you! With our new software feature, you now have the opportunity to organise virtual meetings quick, easy and simple and connect up to 25 meeting participants regardless of location with the best video and audio quality.

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Maximise your sales productivity with webinars

08.10.2020 | Tips and Tricks

The sales department works on acquiring new customers for your company products and services, so that your company can position itself successfully on the market and generate sales. The potential of sales is often not fully exploited. Use edudip’s webinar software now as a sales support and make the acquisition of new customers easier, faster and more efficient.
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Use edudip next to digitize your HR work

21.09.2020 | Tips and Tricks

The optimisation of modern HR work contributes to the success of your company. The possibilities you have with edudip next are as diverse as they are promising. A large part of the HR process can be optimised easily and inexpensively with the help of our webinar software.

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More active participants for interactive webinars with edudip next

07.09.2020 | New Features

What makes a webinar with edudip next particularly interactive and dynamic? The diverse functions such as the whiteboard and screen sharing, the chat function and the survey tool as well as many other features enable the use of a varied media mix. Even more important for a valuable, mutual exchange is the possibility of being able to transmit moderators, co-moderators as well as participants with audio and video. Regarding the past months, it has become more and more important to stay in contact visually with customers, business partners and employees.

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Webinar room as a moderator – all functions and settings explained

31.07.2019 | Tips and Tricks

Explore the webinar room as a moderator: Today we will explain the main functions and settings of the webinar room from a moderator’s point of view. The edudip next webinar room offers you as a moderator a variety of features to make the event interactive and lively. Continue reading “Webinar room as a moderator – all functions and settings explained”

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Webinar room for participants – all functions of edudip next explained

24.07.2019 | Tips and Tricks

Let’s take a look at the edudip next webinar room from the participant’s point of view. We are going to explain the various settings and functions that are available to you as a participant.

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