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12.10.2020 | New FeaturesTips and Tricks

Finally, the time has come! We are happy to introduce the new developed meeting function from edudip next to you! With our new software feature, you now have the opportunity to organise virtual meetings quick, easy and simple and connect up to 25 meeting participants regardless of location with the best video and audio quality.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies had to change to home office and virtual collaboration in a very short time. The need for digital communication tools has increased enormously in the past few months – demanding our product.

Conceived as a webinar software, edudip next so far has been mainly used for classic online seminars, customer- and sales presentations or employee training. Due to the limited number of active participants, however, edudip next was less suitable for online meetings and spontaneous discussions. The feedback from our customers required quick action and this is the reason we upgraded! With the new meeting function, you now have the option of creating spontaneous meetings with just a few clicks and bringing your team together quickly and easily online.


The new meeting function – how does it work?

With edudip next, online meetings can be set up in no time. Before using it for the first time, your personal meeting room must be configured – it only takes a few steps. All edudip next annual subscribers can now find the navigation point “Meetings” in their dashboard menu. By clicking on the menu item “Meetings”, the configuration mask for the meeting room opens. You will also find an overview of all meeting dates that have already been created. First choose an individual URL for your personal meeting room. If necessary, you can now also set a password for your meeting room. And that’s it!

Create meetings – nothing easier than that!

The meeting room is configured. Now to create a meeting, simply select date and time, name your meeting and invite the selected participants. Participation takes place via a release link that is sent via an automated email but can also be shared differently. With this link, your participants can enter the meeting room immediately.



Welcome to the new meeting room

You have configured your meeting room and created your first meeting – now you can begin. Your participants have entered the meeting room via the link received in advance and are in the waiting lobby until you enter. Unless otherwise set at the beginning, the meeting begins when you, as the organiser, enter the room. In contrast to the webinar room, the participants in the meeting room are all activated from the start on. During the entire meeting, the participant can decide whether to activate or deactivate his or her audio and video transmission.

Interactive tools in the meeting

As in the webinar room, a range of features are available in the meeting room to turn your online conference into an interactive experience. In addition to the audio and video transmission of all participants in the tile view, the meeting room also offers other functions. The screen sharing tool and team chat are available for extended information exchange. The hand signals enable quick feedback from the participants. The meeting organiser also has the option of appointing participants as moderators in order to enable them to use certain functions and, for example, share their screen via screen sharing.

During the beta phase of the meeting rooms, we are currently working on improving the recording function. Therefore this feature will not be available to you at the beginning. As soon as the optimisations have been completed, however, unlike in the webinar room, you then have the option of spontaneously starting or stopping recordings during the meeting.

The new meeting rooms – inclusive for (almost) everyone

Depending on the subscription, all edudip next annual subscribers have a certain number of meeting rooms automatically available and at no additional cost. If necessary, annual subscribers have also the option of booking additional meeting rooms. Unfortunately, there are no meeting rooms available for monthly subscribers. The upgrade to an annual subscription could be valuable at this point, because in addition to the up to 30% price savings compared to a monthly subscription, the meeting function is included and free of charge for annual subscribers.


    • Next 30 annual subscription → 1 meeting room included
    • Next 100 annual subscription → 2 meeting rooms included
    • Next 500 annual subscription → 5 meeting rooms included
    • Next 1000 annual subscription → 10 meeting rooms included
    • Additional meeting room can be booked for 180 € / year


Our experience with the COVID-19 pandemic clearly shows that efficient virtual collaboration is becoming more and more necessary. Shorten your communication and decision-making paths and optimise your team performance now with edudip next meetings.

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