Meeting Room or Webinar Room? Quick overview of all options

15.12.2020 | Tips and Tricks

The possible uses of edudip next, the webinar software with an integrated meeting function, are extensive. Therefore, it is worth taking a closer look at the features and the differences between the webinar and meeting room in order to decide which room suits best for what purpose and offers you the best communication experience.

edudip next simplifies the collaboration with external communication partners as well as within the company, because the webinar software with integrated meeting function offers a complete solution to organise your daily work easily and securely online. Discover the different potentials of the webinar room and meeting room in order to optimally use edudip next.


Webinar or Meeting?


Find out more about the features of the webinar room and meeting room in the following overview:



  • Webinar Room: Webinars allow a large number of participants, but most of them only take part as spectators. The edudip next webinar room is mainly used for classic online seminars and lectures, public talks, customer and sales presentations, employee training or event series. Due to the limited number of active participants, the webinar room is less suitable for spontaneous online meetings.


  • Meeting Room: The meeting room was designed for spontaneous video conferences, in which all participants can be transmitted with video and audio. Meetings are ideal for interactive events, spontaneous online consultation or the daily scrum. The edudip next meeting room is mainly used for customer-oriented advice, in-house team meetings or individual training sessions.

The need for digital communication tools as well as the use of webinars and virtual meetings has increased enormously in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Remote work with edudip next ensures easy digital collaboration with your business partners, customers and employees.

Number of participants


  • Webinar Room: The webinar room is designed for larger audiences and public events with up to 1000 participants. Webinar participants usually do not interact with each other as much as meeting participants. Depending on your edudip next subscription, up to 10 webinar participants can be transmitted with video and sound at the same time.


  • Meeting Room: Meetings are designed for spontaneous meetings between smaller teams. Up to 25 participants, including (co-) moderators, can transmit sound and image at the same time. The meeting room is designed as an open room that can be entered and exited at any time with the shared link.



  • Webinar Room: Webinar participation takes place via sign up form, which is individually configurable. Attendee information like email address, first name and surname are requested. The link to the landingpage and registration form can be shared or sent via email.


  • Meeting Room: Meeting participation takes place without prior registration. You have access to the conference and meeting room by calling up the meeting room address (URL) and entering the optional password. The link can be shared or emailed to attendees by the meeting organiser.

Appointment of (co-) moderators


  • Webinar Room: Depending on the subscription, up to 4 moderators (1 main moderator & 3 co-moderators) can be assigned. The co-moderators can be appointed in advance or during the webinar. Moderators and co-moderators have access to all functions.


  • Meeting Room: Regardless of subscription, 1 co-moderators can be assigned. The co-moderator can only be appointed in the meeting room. The meeting can be started by the moderator or co-moderator.

Type of communication


  • Webinar Room: One-to-many – The webinar organiser controls the entire webinar and fills it with content. The main moderator, can activate or deactivate participants and co-moderators.


  • Meeting Room: Many-to-many – All participants can participate in the entire meeting via video / audio transmission and can activate or deactivate themselves independently.



  • Webinar Room: Features – Chat, hand signs, whiteboard, slide upload, screen sharing, full screen, focus and tile modes, YouTube videos, surveys, Recordings, dial-in by phone


  • Meeting Room: Features – Chat, hand signs, whiteboard, slide upload, screen sharing, full screen, focus and tile mode, No YouTube videos, No surveys, Records & Telephone dial-in (both coming soon)

All participants have the opportunity to interact via chat and hand signs, both in the webinar and in the meeting room.

Depending on the subscription, all edudip next annual subscribers have a certain number of meeting rooms available automatically and at no additional costs. So the upgrade to an annual subscription is not only worthwhile because of the up to 30% price savings compared to a monthly subscription.

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