Meeting Room FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

19.11.2020 | Tips and Tricks

The new meeting feature has been available to you for a few weeks now and enjoys great popularity. However, new possibilities often require a little explanation and so in this meeting room FAQ we have summarized the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the use of the new meeting rooms.

The meeting room was designed for spontaneous video conferences. edudip next enables you to organize virtual meetings and connect up to 25 participants regardless of location with the best video and audio quality. The simple link participation ensures fast and uncomplicated digital collaboration with your business partners, customers and employees – even working from home.


Can I hold webinars and meetings at the same time?

You can hold webinars and meetings at the same time, but you have to assign the meeting room to a colleague in the team administration, as you cannot be represented in two simultaneous appointments with one email address. It is the same method as for offline events: A person hosting a seminar at 3 p.m. cannot be in a meeting at the same time.

Can I create a ‘meeting series’?

The meeting room was designed for spontaneous meetings or discussions planned at short notice and not for events that extend over several days. If you are planning an event over several days, we recommend that you create a series of webinars. The possibility of creating a ‘meeting series’ with edudip next is not planned for the time being.

How long can you hold a meeting? Are there any time restrictions?

There is no time limit. The duration of the meeting is unlimited. The meeting ends when the last participant has left the room.

Can I communicate the start time and duration of the meeting?

The meeting room is designed as an open room that can be entered and exited at any time with the shared link. The start time should be set to notify meeting attendees via email what day and time the meeting will start. The duration and the planned end time of a video conference can currently not be determined in advance. However, since this leads to planning uncertainties on the part of the participants, it will be possible in the future to also specify the expected duration of the meeting.

Can co-moderators be appointed? Who can start the meeting?

Regardless of the subscription booked, 1 co-moderator can be appointed. In contrast to webinars, the co-moderator cannot be determined in advance for meetings and can only be appointed in the meeting room. The meeting can be started by the main moderator or co-moderator. However, since the co-moderator can only be appointed in the meeting room, the main moderator must enter the room at least once before the meeting starts. The co-moderator can start the meeting, even if the main moderator has left the room.

My edudip next subscription includes multiple meeting room licenses, where can I find the additional meeting rooms?

You can find your meeting room licenses under the menu option ‘Team Administration’. Your available meeting rooms are displayed here, which you can then assign to your team colleagues.

Can I deactivate the chat and participant list in the meeting room?

No, this is not possible.

Can I remove unwanted users from meetings?

In the meeting room you have the option of removing a participant by clicking on the ‘X’ next to the participant’s name in the participant list. The meeting room was designed as an ‘open space’ so that it can be accessed spontaneously at any time. However, this applies to anyone who knows your meeting room’s link and optional password. It is therefore important to change your password and the share link regularly in order to avoid unwanted visits from participants of past events.

Can participants join a meeting by phone?

Telephone dial-in is unfortunately not yet available for edudip next meetings. However, this is planned for the future.

Who can use the meeting room functions?

The functions can be used by all (co-) moderators. All other participants have the option of asking the moderators to use screen sharing.

We hope you were able to find the answers to your questions in our meeting room FAQ, otherwise our support team will be happy to provide you with advice and assistance.


2 thoughts on “Meeting Room FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Gibt es eine Vergleichsübersicht der Funktionalitäten eines Webinar und des MeetingRooms bei EDUDIP, die Gemeinsamkeiten und Unterschiede der beiden Systeme veranschaulicht?

    1. Liebe Frau Schmid,

      eine Vergleichsübersicht gibt es aktuell leider nicht, für ein besseres Verständnis wäre dies jedoch eine gute Idee. Eventuell hilft Ihnen folgende Seite weiter: Recht weit unten finden Sie einige Erklärungen bezüglich der Unterschiede.

      Viele Grüße

      Hannah vom edudip-Team

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