Maximise your sales productivity with webinars

08.10.2020 | Tips and Tricks

The sales department works on acquiring new customers for your company products and services, so that your company can position itself successfully on the market and generate sales. The potential of sales is often not fully exploited. Use edudip’s webinar software now as a sales support and make the acquisition of new customers easier, faster and more efficient.

Using webinars for your sales activities enables you to combine the advantages of a personal conversation with modern technologies and thus minimises the workload for your department. Convert leads into new customers via online advice and use edudip next for your service and product presentations.

New customer acquisition with edudip next

The sales policy plays a key role in the economic success of your business. The purpose of sales is to win new customers and increase sales. Customers of today increasingly carry out their daily business online, where they also look for offers and information.


Maximization of sales productivity with edudip next


Price transparency increases competition and sales departments are encouraged to design lengthy and cost-intensive processes more efficiently in order to reduce customer acquisition costs. However, the load of information online often means that many interested parties feel overwhelmed with the selection of suitable offers. Particularly in the case of products and services that require explanation, the sales department can specifically address the needs of the customer with personal advice.

Keep your sales consultations and customer presentations online easily and flexibly at home or your office and increase your efficiency and thus your ratings. Present your product in a one-on-one conversation or in front of up to 1000 prospective customers and support your future new customers in their purchase decision.

With edudip next you can invite selected interested parties to your webinar – one-on-one or group presentation – via email and direct them to your individually designed webinar landing page, where they can register quick and easy for your sales presentation using a customised registration form and select a suitable date.

Regardless of whether they are desktop, Android or iOS users, your interested parties can participate in your webinar easily and anywhere via mobile phone, tablet, computer or dial-in. Demonstrate your products or services and convince them with a clear audio and video transmission. Share documents and screen contents and use the whiteboard, appoint co-moderators and active participants, so that a dynamic exchange of communication occurs.

After a personal, interactive and descriptive presentation, your prospective customers will feel well advised and are about to complete their purchase. With edudip next, you can now easily provide your prospective customers with further information in the form of automatically sent emails and encourage them to purchase. These time and cost savings lead to an enormous increase in your company’s turnover in the long term.

Maintain your long-term customer relationships

The purpose of your sales department is not only to win over new customers, but also to maintain existing customer relationships. Well-structured sales focus on the needs of your existing customers and keep them informed about news and current products. Webinars offer added value for you and your customers. Simply make an appointment and personally inform your customers about upcoming news.

Whether in a conversation or with the help of the chat and survey tool, with the divers features of the edudip next webinar room you will be able to immediately receive valuable feedback. The interactive webinar experience leads to a more personal customer relationship and increased customer satisfaction. As a result, you increase the chances of your products and services being recommended in the consumer’s network of contacts.

Interface between sales and HR department

Optimise the induction of new sales employees and improve the performance of the entire sales department with training units that can be planned regardless of location. With the versatile application possibilities of the edudip webinar software, newly recruited sales employees can accompany their colleagues easily in their sales activities.

This application embodies an interface between sales and human resources. The practical and descriptive induction enables optimal sales training and shortens the often long and costly induction process. New salespeople not only learn specific sales steps but can also acquire behaviors and skills that lead to sales success in critical moments and minimise sales abandonment.

The webinar software is not only suitable for training new sales colleagues but can also be used efficiently for training purposes for the entire department. The level of knowledge of existing sales staff must be continuously kept up to date. Lectures on new products and services can be held efficiently and at any location as a training unit or information event at desired dates. With the integrated recording function of edudip next, content can easily be recorded for absent colleagues and made available as a download.

In conclusion, one could say that digitisation creates completely new opportunities, especially in the sales area, which every company should profitably use and implement. Optimise your processes and use edudip next for your online presentations and virtual customer appointments with immediate effect.

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