Extreme growth in users, tripling of the number of employees and other KPIs

27.05.2021 | News

For more than a year now, we have been in a state of emergency that makes digital communication absolutely necessary. The leisurely digitisation has picked up speed in the past year due to Corona. The advantages of webinars, online meetings and video conferences are meanwhile well known and so digital communication solutions in times of home office and contact restrictions are an integral part of every company.

State of emergency has become everyday life

Unthinkable in the past, now part of our everyday life: A large number of employees has been working from home for months. 10.5 million employees exclusively work from home, another 8.3 million at least partially. In total, 45% of all employed people are working from home. While business trips and rides to work were previously considered indispensable, travel and contact restrictions as well as home office regulations have taught us otherwise and shown that it is also (completely) possible without. External as well as internal meetings and customer appointments are not as usually held on-site but exclusively online – thanks to webinars and video conferences.

What has changed and what have we done?

As a webinar and meeting software provider, we were particularly (positively) affected by the movement in society towards digital working methods. The extremely increased demand and the resulting increase in users in the past year can be clearly illustrated by means of some internal key figures.

KPI's Corona

In response to the increased demand, we expanded our server infrastructure enormously in the past year and more than doubled the number of our employees. The former 15-person team now consists of almost 45 employees, and further placements are planned by the end of this year. Further optimisations that have been carried out in the past few months are presented in the table below.

What have we done

With continuous optimisation and a steady expansion of our team and our IT infrastructure, we are ideally equipped to offer our customers the best and, above all, secure webinar and meeting experience.


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