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21.09.2020 | Tips and Tricks

The optimisation of modern HR work contributes to the success of your company. The possibilities you have with edudip next are as diverse as they are promising. A large part of the HR process can be optimised easily and inexpensively with the help of our webinar software.

The productivity of a company stands or falls with its employees and the goal of human resources is to provide qualified and committed personnel. This does not only mean that new staff has to be acquired and trained, but the level of knowledge of existing employees has to be updated constantly. Despite increasing digitalisation, numerous processes in the HR department are still organised offline in many corporate areas. This requires changes, especially if your company can achieve enormous time and cost savings by using edudip next as a recruiting and training tool.

The job interview – a cost factor that should not be underestimated

Coordinating and conducting job interviews is one of the most time-consuming tasks in the HR department. Countless applicants have to be analysed for their suitability before a suitable candidate can be found and hired. Depending on the vacancy, specialists are now being sought across borders and around the world.




In order to get to know potential applicants as easily, efficiently and inexpensively as possible, edudip next enables you to conduct interviews flexibly and regardless of location. The diverse interaction options and functions of the webinar software enable uncomplicated and flexible online interviews and guarantee an informative and insightful exchange for both sides. The endless coordination of appointments with applicants and travel expenses are history.

Onboarding – familiarisation made easy

Once a suitable candidate is found for an advertised position, the new employee must be trained. Webinars can ideally be used to get new employees fully operational from the start. Important information, safety training and more can be presented and discussed in detail using a webinar in one-to-one or group meetings. Cross-location events can be implemented to save time and money. During the webinar, the various functions of the webinar room enable an interactive exchange between the training leader and the webinar participants.

Training – easily implemented online

The edudip next webinar software is not only suitable for training new employees, but can also be used efficiently for your entire team. From the annual data protection training to the introduction of new software programs, any content can be mapped online as training units or information events and recorded if necessary. The recorded content can be called up at any time and is also available to absent employees. The versatile application possibilities make edudip next a strong partner for every HR department. Convince yourself and make modern HR work easier, faster and even more productive. 

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