How to use edudip next for your digital parents’ evening

31.03.2021 | Tips and Tricks

In the current situation, the webinar and meeting software edudip next is not only ideal for maintaining communication within the company. It also offers a safe and easy alternative for any event that usually takes place in face-to-face form. Therefore, we will show you how you can organise your first digital parents’ evening with edudip next. Whether in a large group or in a one-on-one conversation, for school or kindergarten, use edudip next to organise your next parents’ evening easily and securely online.

The parents evening is part of the indispensable educational work in day-care centres, kindergartens and schools. A digital parents evening is a great way for teachers and parents to chat again during the Covid19 pandemic. Plan your parents evening now easily and safely with edudip next.

Digital parents' evening via edudip next


For an optimal presentation, you need a microphone and a camera if you want to transmit your video image. If you want to use the screen sharing feature, we recommend using a second monitor. A headset is particularly helpful to avoid disruptive feedback effects when the video stream is active. Applications that block the camera and microphone should be closed beforehand. Note that browsers block camera and microphone access by default. Adjust this in your browser settings.

Meeting room or webinar room

Depending on the number of participants, the edudip next meeting room or webinar room is available for your digital parents evening.

In the meeting room, up to 25 participants can transmit video and audio. To prepare for a meeting, create an individual meeting room URL and, optionally, a password. You now have the option to invite the participants of your parents evening by entering their respective email addresses.

Meeting participation via edudip next takes place without prior registration. The meeting room is designed as an open space that can be entered and left at any time using the meeting room link. Anyone with the participation link can take part in the virtual parents evening. Attendees only need to enter the meeting room and an optional password to access the event.


How to prepare your virtual parents' evening


The webinar room allows a larger number of participants, who mostly participate as spectators. Nevertheless, the moderator can activate the image and sound transmission of individual participants. Depending on your subscription, you can appoint up to 3 co-moderators and activate up to 10 participants at the same time.

Webinar participation takes place via registration form. Participant information such as email address, first name and surname will be requested. The organiser can also quickly and easily import the participant contacts in the form of an Excel document. The invitations are sent out by edudip next.

How to avoid disruptions

Speakers, Co-Hosts and active participants are recommended to participate in the event over their desktop PC. An Ethernet connection is preferable to WLAN for stable image and sound transmission. Nevertheless, the remaining participants should also check their technical requirements and update their browser software and operating system. Since edudip next is browser-based, outdated software can lead to technical problems. Supported browsers include Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

A slow internet connection can also lead to interruptions in the transmission of sound and images. As an active participant, you also need sufficient bandwidth for optimal transmission. In webinars, a download speed of at least 16 Mbits / second and an upload speed of around 3-5 Mbits / second is recommended. If up to 25 video streams occur simultaneously in a meeting, each participant needs a bandwidth of 50Mbit / second for interference-free reception of sound and video. If a participant has a slow Internet connection, deactivating the video stream can significantly improve sound transmission.

More tips and tricks

Remember to inform participants who register for the parents evening on your landing page about key content and technical requirements by attaching all important information about the digital event to the confirmation email.

You should enable the recording function in advance if you want to record the event and then make it available to all attendees. If the parents evening has already started, spontaneous recording in the webinar room is no longer possible. Only the meeting room offers spontaneous recordings.

If you would like to record the online attendance during the parents evening, we recommend that you use the webinar room. In the webinar administration, you can export the list of attendees at the end of the event under “Last registrations”. The saved list also contains the time at which the participant entered the webinar room and the attendance time of the participants in minutes. You can also export the chat history at the end of the event under the menu item “Webinar Follow-Up”. These features are not available to you when using the meeting room.

If you are planning on having multiple parents evenings, it is a good idea to create a series of webinars. This means that participants only have to register once for the series of events. In the webinar settings, you can define the maximum number of available participant places and a registration deadline for participants. You can also specify whether only invited users should attend the parents evening or everyone who receives the webinar link.

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