edudip Help Desk – Our new Help Centre

06.10.2021 | NewsTips and Tricks

Do you have questions or need help? Lots of information and tutorials on edudip next can be found in our new edudip help centre. The edudip help desk also provides helpful answers to the most important questions. With the assistance of our help centre, you can learn everything about using the webinar software with video conference function.

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edudip next July 2021 Updates

07.07.2021 | News

We would like to inform you about the latest changes and innovations this month. What has happened since the last deployment? A lot! We have summarised all new functions, expanded options and much more important information for you briefly and compactly.

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edudip next June 2021 Updates 

14.06.2021 | News

What’s new? From now on, we will inform you briefly and concisely in our blog about the latest changes to edudip next after each deployment. Find out more about important updates in June 2021. All information is also listed on our changelog page.

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Extreme growth in users, tripling of the number of employees and other KPIs

27.05.2021 | News

For more than a year now, we have been in a state of emergency that makes digital communication absolutely necessary. The leisurely digitisation has picked up speed in the past year due to Corona. The advantages of webinars, online meetings and video conferences are meanwhile well known and so digital communication solutions in times of home office and contact restrictions are an integral part of every company.

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