UPDATE: The new breakout rooms of edudip next

04.11.2021 | New Features

We are more than happy to announce the launch of the newly developed breakout rooms of edudip next! With the new software feature, you now have the opportunity to split your webinar into any number of separate interactive sessions to allow participants to work in smaller groups.
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More transparency with changelog & status updates

20.05.2021 | New FeaturesTips and Tricks

More transparency: Stay up to date and subscribe to the status updates and the new changelog. In addition to our status page, you now have a changelog at your disposal, which can be used to receive information on upcoming changes and innovations at an early stage.
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Organise virtual meetings with edudip-next

12.10.2020 | New FeaturesTips and Tricks

Finally, the time has come! We are happy to introduce the new developed meeting function from edudip next to you! With our new software feature, you now have the opportunity to organise virtual meetings quick, easy and simple and connect up to 25 meeting participants regardless of location with the best video and audio quality.

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More active participants for even more interaction

07.09.2020 | New Features

What makes a webinar with edudip next particularly interactive and dynamic? The diverse functions such as the whiteboard and screen sharing, the chat function and the survey tool as well as many other features enable the use of a varied media mix. Even more important for a valuable, mutual exchange is the possibility of being able to transmit moderators, co-moderators as well as participants with audio and video. Regarding the past months, it has become more and more important to stay in contact visually with customers, business partners and employees.

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