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Kristin Muller-Wenzel

Kristin Muller-Wenzel

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About me

Kristin is a certified micro-expression expert and has a natural talent to spot discrepancies between language, behaviour and appearances. As so called truth wizard she is one among the few people in the world that see deception and inconsistence in appearance and behaviour. After studying deception, scientists identified only 50 people who have a rare ability to spot lies after testing more than 15,000 people (including psychologists, CIA, FBI, Secret Service, arbitrators, judges, attorneys, sheriffs, mixed law enforcement and the general population). And these weren’t often the trained ones. Combining her talent with a degree in Anthropology and former work in a psychological surgery, Kristin sees also the different behaviours between cultures and societies, which often make it harder to find the true intention.

I am searching for:

organisations and individuals,who are interested in coaching and consulting about deception detection and lie spotting


Coaching and consulting in deception detection and lie spotting. Furthermore I offer negotiation assistance and candidate check.

Specialised in:

Expert in:
- Micro-Expression
- Body Language Analysis
- Behavioural Profiling
- Cultural Profiling


London Global Consultant LTD is an in London based consultancy company which offers its services globally to organisation and individuals. We are certified micro-expression experts. Our specialty is seeing inconsistencies in speech, body language, micro-expression and appearance that imply deceptions and hidden intentions.

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