Webinar: Intro: PMI-ACP® - Exam Preparation

Intro: PMI-ACP® - Exam Preparation

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As a project manager, requirements engineer and C++/Java developer i saw a lot of people with the right ideas to improve the project, but they havent the methodologies to succeed. This here can help to accomplish success.

This is the introductory webinar which informs you about an exam preparation to get the PMI-ACP® certification (webinar is held in English).
It explains the PMI-ACP® exam preparation course. This are 21-30 Webinars of 45 min training + 15 min Q&A held in 11 weeks. X-AM ( and Excel based Tools are included. You harvest 21 PDU. The exam prep course is held in conjunction with the partner R.E.P. STS SA ( Individual sessions are also possible.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our webinars / seminars. More informations about PMI-ACP: .
More additional Informations about the exam prep webinars you can get from the STS website: .

If you do not want to register at edudip, please send a message with your full real name to A direct application access possibility will be sent to you.

If you want to become active in the webinar, please see the 4 minute introduction before the Webinar.

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